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RE: filmscanners: ReSize, ReSample or ReScan ?

Here is the pdf file that I created that will test your print driver and see
what it does at various resolutions.  Make sure that you do not allow
Acrobat to shrink oversize pages or to expand small pages.

 <<Printer ResizeTest.pdf>> 

This file prints out the same image at various resolutions ranging from 239
dpi up to 2400 dpi.  The image contains slanted, one pixel wide lines, both
black on white and white on black.  Sorry, I do not remember who first
posted the basic image with the suggestion to print it at various
resolutions - all I did was to combined the various resolutions into one pdf

When I print the file on either an Alps MD5000 or a couple of different HP
laser printers, only the 300 dpi image prints correctly.  All other images
have been resampled.  I would be interested in the results with other
printers, especially the Epsons.

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