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filmscanners: Re: Canon FS2710

At 9:44 PM -0400 9/5/01, Thomas B. Maugham wrote:
>I am using a Canon FS2710 invoked from PS 6.0.1 via the twain driver.  My
>question is:  Should I modify the image using levels, curves, etc. at the
>time of the scan or simply perform the scan, save the image as a .psd file,
>then make any modifications later?

        When I used a Canon FS2710 I always tried to get the colour 
reasonably close using curves (not always possible, particularly with 
negatives). I also used curves to made some adjustments to the 
lightness, making sure the highlights were not blown out. I then 
scanned using the 12-bit setting, did the fine tuning in Photoshop, 
and reduced to 8-bit for printing, etc.
        More recently I have been using VueScan, which usually (but 
not always!) gives a much more accurate scan right out of the box, so 
very little Photoshop tweaking is required.

Roger Smith


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