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Re: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: supra 400

"Jawed Ashraf" <Jawed@cupidity.force9.co.uk> wrote:
> >the photographer in the breeze!  I want to try Provia 400F to get the
> >sort of speed which hopefully less apparent grain.
> Provia 400 (F? are there variants?) scans beautifully - no grain aliasing
> shadows on the LS40 (my mate Joel's Provia 400 - he is quite fond of my
> for slide scanning - I don't know how he rated it though).

I've never seen Provia 400 but I doubt it is the same film as 400F.  Provia
400F uses the same emulsion technology as Provia 100F which is the finest
grained transparency film currently on the market AFAIK.  I've tried one
roll of 400F and the grain seemed quite acceptable to me.  Nothing like the
invisible grain of 100F of course.

> But you do get rather less scene dynamic range than with Supra 400

I'd expect that, but it's reducing apparent grain I'm really after.  Superia
400 is OK, and I don't think Supra 400 is worth the higher price in



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