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filmscanners: Re: Vuescan Image or Slide film

At 10:15 PM +0200 9/2/01, Erik Kaffehr wrote:
>I use Vuescan with my Minolta Dimage Scan Multi. I'm very satisfied with
>Vuescan. Still, I have some questions:
>It seems to me that I get the best results with:
>Media type: Image
>Color balance: Neutral
>I feel that White balance tends to a little yellowish highlights.
>If I set Media type to "Slide film" I get quite different colors, which are
>less to my taste. I mainly use Velvia and some Provia F.

        I agree almost completely. I hardly ever use anything except 
"Image" for scanning slides in my Scan Dual II (and Canon FS2710 
before that). Occasionally a particular problem slide responds well 
to one of the "Slide Film" types, but not very often.
        I do find that either White Balance or Auto Levels works with 
most slides (can never tell until I try which one is going to work 
better for any given slide), but some slides work best with 
"Neutral". Agreed that "White Balance" sometimes gives yellowish 

Roger Smith


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