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Re: filmscanners: where's the list archive?

If David's suggestion doesn't work, you could always ask for a volunteer.  
I'm sure someone here would be willing to manually send out an admin notice
on a regular basis and free you up to take care of other problems.

Don't ask me to volunteer, though.  I'm busy trying to get SilverFast to
work.  I just won my first battle with it a few minutes ago (and it was a
major one, too!), but it's clear that SilverFast will win the war in the end.

In a message dated 8/31/2001 1:11:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
mail@davidgordon.co.uk writes:

Tony Sleep [TonySleep@halftone.co.uk] wrote on Fri, 31 Aug 2001 07:46:00

>> Why don't you auto send a FAQs every month or so with the archive address
>> etc. It's a busy list so I don't think people would mind, would they...?
>Good idea! Except I'll have to do it manually.

I bet someone here has Eudora, AppleScript and the knowledge. Or a
similar combination!

David Gordon


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