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Re: filmscanners: yet *another* low cost way to avoid the future

This is getting downright silly.  How do you know upgrading to an
LS-4000 (even if it had SCSI interfacing) wouldn't bring your system
down?  I don't see how you can even risk leaving the room is your whole
livelihood is dependent upon your system being 100% reliable.

I don't have a "production system" but even I have about 5 functional
computers here (and numerous non-functional, as well... most were given
to me).  I've a 486, a pentium 100, a pentium 75 and a 386 laptop, and
my main system, a Celeron 500.  Seriously, if you have only one system
which can never go down you had better be running Linux (;-))...  

Heck, even your washing machine will need some downtime while you
convert it into a breadmaker! ;-)


Anthony Atkielski wrote:
> Pat writes:
> > Anthony, since you seem dead set against any low
> > cost way to add scanning hardware for the Nikon,
> > why not just upgrade your present PC to Win2K and
> > add the included FireWire card?
> Because I have so many applications installed on the current system that the
> chances of being able to do this successfully in a timeframe short enough to
> keep me in business are essentially zero.  There's no such thing as a painless
> upgrade.
> > ... then simply buy an Overdrive processor for
> > your computer.
> I cannot risk any change that will diminish the reliability of the system.


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