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Re: Getting around the firewire problem was Re: filmscanners:Best film scanner, period!!!

I honestly don't know how French prices and Australian prices compare on
high tech gear.  However, I would not be surprised if they are higher in
France.  For one thing, the English speaking world has typically higher
internet and computer use. Secondly, many countries in Europe place high
internal taxes on high tech as luxury items.  Thirdly Europe tend toward
complex distribution models with more layers of wholesalers and warranty
than other countries.  You'll note that rarely are rebates offered in
European countries on high tech goods (of course I don't know if
Australia benefits much from rebates either).  Australia does have the
advantage of close proximity to Asia where many of the high tech
companies are either based on have their manufacturing facilities.

I can only guess at price differences, as I am neither in France or
Australia, and we are getting very off topic here, but maybe to get back
on topic, it might be interesting to compare local prices of a couple of
scanner models between France and Australia and the US and Canada, just
to get some sense of what is going on?

I'll start: (these prices include all taxes and have been converted to
US $ for simplicity) 
(here in BC we have a 7% provincial sales tax, similar (I think they
range from 5%-8%) to most provinces in Canada, with the exception of
Alberta which has no sales tax)

Minolta Dual Dimage II:  $500-$515 US
Minolta Elite:  $885 US
Canoscan 2710:  $515 US
Polaroid SS4000: $1425 US (after $200 US rebate, which I believe if
offered in Canada)
re Polaroid: This might be an anomaly due to one dealer not having
updated pricing, although I have told them about the discrepancy and the
price is unchanged)
Canon 4000:  $885 US
Nikon LS-40: $935 US
Nikon LS-4000:  $1810 US

BTW, just so I'm not called a liar, what I said about people from the US
buying high tech up here is true for more mainstream items, not
specialty items like film scanners. Although, I suspect the Canoscan 
4000, for some strange reason is cheaper than in the US for some reason 
(it would be about $775 US if you get all the taxes refunded).  US 
buyers get a refund of our goods and services tax, and in some cases the 
provincial sales tax upon return to the US. (Don't ask me why!)


Rob Geraghty wrote:
> "Arthur Entlich" <artistic@ampsc.com> wrote:
> > Anyway, my main point is that France, if like much of Europe, would tend
> > to be more expensive for consumer electronics, so quoting US prices, or
> > even English or Australian ones, doesn't mean a whole lot.
> France has higher prices than Australia with how many times the population?
> =8^o
> Point taken Art, but I still have extreme difficulty with the "thousands of
> dollars"
> which were being claimed for the upgrade cost.
> Rob


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