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Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Space and money prevent this strategy for me, although I will grant that it
works.  But just paying for and finding a place for a new scanner would be a
stretch (already $1700), so spending additional thousands and additional square
metres for a parallel system is not economically feasible at this time.  I just
wish I could plug the new scanner into the place of the old scanner, which would
be possible if Nikon had had the foresight to maintain compatibility.

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From: "Peter Marquis-Kyle" <petermk@optushome.com.au>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Monday, August 27, 2001 07:42
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

> Anthony Atkielski writes
> > Derek writes:
> >
> > > Your main machine then has two NICs including
> > > the one you already own.
> >
> > I have no more slots for another NIC.
> Anthony, think about putting the two NICs in the new PC -- current versions of
> Windows do Internet Connection Sharing (not to mention USB and Firewire).
> For what it's worth, here's my recent experience of upgrading a
> setup. I am a solo consultant and I used a 200mhz PC for some years for
> production with Photoshop, Word, PageMaker, etc. When it got short of breath
> handling larger files I added a new Pentium 3 PC and networked the two
> I gradually set up the new machine to take over as main workstation, and at
> every stage had at least one reliable productive machine to work on with any
> application or peripheral.
> The migration is now complete -- the old machine is left to handle the cable
> internet connection, the firewall, the fax modem, the CD burner and a couple
> hard disks on which I keep backup mirrors of my data directories.
> I even got used to having a second computer on a temporary stand behind me --
> can spin around on my chair and use the other computer (God it's slow). I'll
> some wires to another room soon and get it out of my studio, just as soon as I
> finish a couple of jobs...
> Peter Marquis-Kyle


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