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RE: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

> Austin writes:
> > Have you measured your transparencies to see
> > exactly what you are achieving for density
> > ratio numbers?
> No.  How would I measure it?  Don't I need fancy equipment for that?

Pretty simply actually.  Take a particular type of film you are using.
Unroll a part of it and expose it to full light.  Then have it developed,
and have the film density read.  The exposed part will be one end of the
scale, and the unexposed part the other.  If you want, put the clips in an
envelope and send them to me and I'll measure them for you.  You can to it
at the beginning of a roll, simply by pulling out N frames...then rolling
them back in, and advancing the camera N+ frames, so you have some exposed
and unexposed section.


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