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Re: filmscanners: yet *another* low cost way to avoid the future

on 8/27/01 5:15 AM, Anthony Atkielski at atkielski.anthony@wanadoo.fr wrote:

>> I was up and running in an hour, and I had a
>> redundant backup set to fall back on even then.
> How did you manage to take delivery on a new machine in one hour?

I had an iMac in the next room and a 100 MHz powerbook sitting on my shelf,
all hooked up to my home network. The iMac had a mirror of my work directory
and main apps, as did the Powerbook. The iMac was first up but I finished
the project on the powerbook (talk about legacy hardware...)

I also had a full Retrospect backup on CD, and my Mac dealer is 10 minutes
away, so if all else had failed I could have actually had a new machine up
and running in a couple of hours.

I get very nervous towards the completion of projects and start backing up
maniacally. In this case I was 2 days from delivery of a screenplay.

The one thing that would make my life easier would be cheap off-site storage
on the net (and a DVD writer for archiving scans).

John Brownlow


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