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Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Rob writes:

> Guess what - the capitalist economy is built on making
> things obsolete.

No.  This isn't capitalism.  When a bulb burns out in your house, do you have to
rewire the building to replace it?  Do you have to "upgrade" to 220 VAC to in
order to accommodate a new version of bulb because the old one is no longer
available?  That's what is happening in the microcomputer industry.  People have
put up with it since the beginning and thus do not realize how bizarre it is.
But if the same policies were applied to other domains in their lives, they'd be
forming lynch mobs in no time.

> Microsoft is guaranteed to make the next version
> of Windows use more RAM and a faster CPU because
> that keeps Intel and their other buddies in business.

There's nothing special about Microsoft.  The entire industry works that way.

> I understand that you're annoyed because of the
> hassle of upgrading, but that's your choice.

Yes.  My choice is not to "upgrade"; so Nikon is out $1600.

> You can buy a cheap new machine to do the scanning
> as I suggested, or you can take your business to
> another manufacturer who does provide SCSI.

Okay.  What other options are there besides the LS-4000?  It has to run under
Windows NT, no later than SP4, and it has to be SCSI.

> Either way your computer will be obsolete at some
> point.

Like my Leica M rangefinder, you mean?


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