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Re: filmscanners: focusing-scan elite

Scanner design differs with each model and brand.  In order to have a
successful fixed focus scanner fro film use, a lengthy the light path is
required, or a very bright light source which allows for a rather
stopped down lens.  The reason is because we are dealing with a highly
"macro" situation with very limited depth of field, and with differing
slide mount thicknesses, the plane of the film can vary widely.

There are numerous approaches to fixing this.  The HP film scanners use
a long light path and fixed focus.  SOme models use a manual focusing
knob to literally move the lens position.  Others use a manual focus
actuated via software and using a motorized lens mount.  Still others
use an autofocus method, or allow for either auto or manual focusing.

Yes, indeed lack of focusing on some scanners can lead to unacceptably
soft scans.

It is important to thoroughly read your instruction manual as to how and
during what point in the scanning process, the focusing is accomplished.


cjcronin@erols.com wrote:
> Hello,
> I was wondering about focusing with a film scanner. Are some scanners manual 
>focusing? Are most film scanners fixed focusing? What are the benefits of 
>manual focusing? What are the benefits of fixed focus scanners? Do fixed focus 
>scanners produce softer images?
> I have the Minolta Dimage Scan Elite and I'm starting to think it is not 
>sharp enough, or maybe my lenses are not sharp enough, or maybe my 
>photographing techniques need sharpening :)
> Scan Elite users, I would like to hear from you on your thoughts on this 
>scanners sharpness.
> Thank you,
> Jules
> Jules


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