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Re: filmscanners: Best digital archive medium for scans?

Karl Schulmeisters wrote:

> So for a 20 year archive, I would print to 2 CDRs and keep the original negs
> in a cool-dry place (in essence that is what Corbis is doing with the
> Betteman archive).

>From what I've read, Corbis actually throwing up their hands and
accepting defeat.  The vast majority of their Betteman Archive is
degrading so rapidly that they said they would be unable to save it
before it disintegrated.  Rather than increase the number of people
doing scanning, they decided to move the majority of the collection
underground in an abandoned limestone mine, and hope this slows the
process (or they simply want the collection out of the mind of the
public in general)..  Knowing Gates, it is all a money decision and they
likely already scanned the "best" (most sellable) images , and now don't
care a great deal about that's left, in spite of it being an
international treasure.  Gates also owns several other collections from
Europe, which unfortunately are also disintegrating.



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