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Re: filmscanners: Scanner slide feeders for 35 mm scanners -likes and dislikes

>At 17:25 +0100 13/8/01, Tony Sleep wrote:
>The usual complaint was that the scanner set autoexposure from the first
>slide in the hopper, and then imposed the same settings on all subsequent

You can turn auto exposure on/off in Vuescan & I think that the 'auto 
with ADF' check box in Silverfast does the same thing. Vuescan has 
added features. You can set a border - so that auto scans include a 
bit more than the crop shown - to allow for varying mount aperture 
sizes. Also allows you to set a 'buffer' which ignores a strip around 
the edge so that auto exposures do not include any mount with smaller 
aperture mounts.

With the above set properly auto exposure works very well. Even in 
Silverfast it works well enough & it plays music to let you know when 
it's finished. Sticky or damaged mounts will easily jam the feeder, 
it's very easy to run out of disk space - particularly if you are 
getting 48 bit output. It really is only for use when unattended, it 
will work in the background but it really slows my old G3 to 

Silverfast make you pay extra for the serial number to work the SF200!

The main defect of the Nikon SF200 is its mechanical handling design. 
It is just not good enough to deal with the real world range of worn, 
bent, taped, sticky transparency mounts. This needs a bit of proper 
engineering. As for what I'd rather have - how about an adaptor that 
took carousel trays? Gravity feed is very reliable, trays are easily 
available & hold nearly double the number of slides. More? Fast 
prescan that lets me set rotation, exposure, crop for each pic then 
scans the whole batch while I sleep.  Oh -  & embeds the IPTC data in 
the tiffs.

David Hoffman
   David Hoffman Photo Library

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