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Re: filmscanners: OT: Photoshop Clone Tool - HELP!

And we have a winner!!! the helpful message was:

Are you using the mouse or a digitizing tablet like a Wacom pad?  In the
case, check to see if the "Size" option is checked for the tool; if it is,
size of the brush will vary with the pressure you apply to the pad.  This
not happen with a mouse, however (because a mouse has no pressure data to
transmit to the system); if it does, you probably have a system
problem somewhere.

Thank you Anthony Atkielski!
Actually I should mention that just after I sent that message yesterday
afternoon, the other assistant told me that she had somehow fixed the clone
tool. however it wasn't until this morning that I realized it had something
to do with the Wacom pad.  in anycase,  the above explanation is better than
anything I could come up with.
One last word on the Wacom pad though: if you have the "stylus" checked
under "Brush dynamics" and the mouse is on the Wacom pad the clone tool will
do this nifty trick that i've been trying to unscramble.  but if you take
the mouse off the pad, things are ok. as they say in italy "bo!", who knows.
in anycase, b/c we never really use the Wacom pad, it didn't even cross my
mind. oh well!

Thanks again for your suggestions!


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