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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000

I'm sure Mr. Posner is "telling it as he knows it" at least
"officially", but I'd like to know what exactly Rafe and a few others
have been toying with over the last couple of months.

Perhaps they have found some really potent drugs that allow for
extremely vivid and long term hallucination?

Is Nikon shunning New Yorkers? Is some outlet in cyberspace making Nikon
8000ED knockoffs, like those "Rollox" watches?  Maybe they say Nickon,
rather than Nikon on the brand plate? 

Very interesting...


Robert Hubner wrote:
> I forwarded Peter's questions to Henry Posner at B&H (I was curious about
> availability also). Henry's answers are below.
> Bob
> >For the past few months I have been checking with B&H in New York City to
> >inquire about the availability of the Nikon 8000. Each time I have been told
> >"maybe in July, etc.". The other day I was told "...we don't know when the
> >units will be available". Additionally, they will not take an order for the
> >machine.
>          The information we have been providing in answer to this question
> has been the information provided to our buyer by Nikon USA. Since they
> have changed the date so many times, some of our brighter lights now
> understand that "...we don't know..." while less satisfying is actually
> more accurate. For all I know they're being unloaded as I type, or they'll
> be here before Yom Kippur, or they'll be here when the get here.
> >Apparently the 8000 is available somewhere--but where?
>          Beats me. What makes you think it's available <somewhere>?


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