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Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000

Bob--thanks for forwarding my questions about the availability to Mr.
Posner. I have seen his responses elsewhere about a variety of questions
revolving around photographic equipment and especially those about B&H. I
have been a long time, and very satisfied, customer of B&H.

I am still curious as the 8000 appears to be available in Europe (as does
the Nikon D1x which I also would like to buy) and in limited quantities the
US. Otherwise how could there be reviews about the device.

Indeed, as I recall, there has been a very long discussion from Nikon 8000
owners on this list about the device. These owners were finding some serious
problems with the unit. Banding was one of the issues. Mr. Lawrence Smith
even mentioned that he was taking his 8000 back to B&H for replacement. He
also had long discussions about the shortcomings with the 8000 with the
Nikon techies.

It only makes one more curious.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Robert Hubner" <hubner@wsu.edu>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Thursday, August 09, 2001 12:38 PM
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Nikon 8000

> I forwarded Peter's questions to Henry Posner at B&H (I was curious about
> availability also). Henry's answers are below.
> Bob
> >For the past few months I have been checking with B&H in New York City to
> >inquire about the availability of the Nikon 8000. Each time I have been
> >"maybe in July, etc.". The other day I was told "...we don't know when
> >units will be available". Additionally, they will not take an order for
> >machine.
>          The information we have been providing in answer to this question
> has been the information provided to our buyer by Nikon USA. Since they
> have changed the date so many times, some of our brighter lights now
> understand that "...we don't know..." while less satisfying is actually
> more accurate. For all I know they're being unloaded as I type, or they'll
> be here before Yom Kippur, or they'll be here when the get here.
> >Apparently the 8000 is available somewhere--but where?
>          Beats me. What makes you think it's available <somewhere>?
> >  I wonder why B&H
> >doesn't have the 8000 in that it is such a large volume photo
> >store--probably the largest in the world.
>          Because Nikon USA isn't shipping it yet, for reasons to which we
> are not privy.
> >Could it be that B&H believes or learned that the 8000 has problems?
>          Whether or not it <could be> the fact is that this is not the
> >  If that is the case, could they have decided not to carry it until
> > whatever the
> >problem is straightened out--if there is a problem at all?
>          We are unaware of any problem, other than availability.
> >They do have the Polaroid Sprintscan 120 in stock and I am tempted to buy
> >instead of waiting any longer for the Nikon 8000.
>          This is a well-reviewed scanner, but in the interest of full
> disclosure I am compelled to remind you of Polaroid's current tenuous
> financial status. (BTW, before this generates further rumors, I have NO
> inside info WHATEVER on Polaroid's current status or future plans other
> than what any of us can read in the Wall Street Journal, or wherever one
> obtains his (her) current investment/financial news.)
> >Any knowledge or thoughts about the availability and/or the seeming
> >unavailability of the Nikon will be most appreciated.
>          Sure would. Nikon is, as usual, close-mouthed.
> --
> regards,
> Henry Posner
> Director of Sales and Training
> B&H Photo-Video, and Pro-Audio Inc.
> http://www.bhphotovideo.com


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