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filmscanners: Good neg stck on Scanwit

Hello folks

I normally use trani stock but need to do some photography using neg film 
and seek your opinion as to which neg films to use through an Acer
Scanwit 2720s.

I have a number of locations to film and will be shooting available
light interiors under fluoro and fill flash, daylight and daylight overcast.

For available light interiors is 800 iso [Kodak Fuji Konica Agfa] OK these days
for grain size and colour reproduction or do I need a lower ISO
stock? The stock needs good colour reproduction and [reasonabely] little 
grain evident when
scanned on the Scanwit. I have both Vuescan 7.1.7 and Miraphoto v2 [Vuescan 
is a
mile in front IMHO].

Also which neg films in the 200, 100 or 50 iso range give good reproduction 
fluoro, daylight, overcast and flash [would I like a dishwasher as well;]. Come
to think of it, any comments on neg stocks and the
Scanwit would be welcome.

One bottom line question is - Are the current generation of neg stocks so 
good as
to rival trani for repro work?

The end result tiff files will be used for both 10x 8 prints and CMYK printing
thereafter - i.e. the poster and brochure.

Geoffrey in Jakarta

Geoffrey McKell
Technical Adviser / Producer
PT Pelangi Tirtabayu Productions
Jakarta Indonesia
Ph [62 21] 916 1371; Mob. [62 21] 710478
mailto: images@indosat.net.id


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