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Re: filmscanners: LS40 DMax and Multiscanning

>Mike Duncan asked me, a few days ago, to provide some examples of
>multi-scanned versus single-scanned images from Vuescan using the LS40.
Thanks alot, Jawed!

The noise in the Nikon IV Vuescan is very low, and there is only a modest
reduction with multisampling.  With PS peak Level at 128 and mid Level at
2.00 the pants leg of the man in shadow looks smoother with multisampling.
Interestingly, Nikon Scan yields more shadow detail and more noise.
Perhaps the black clip in Vuescan was set too high.  All of these results
are much better than my Minolta Dual (SCSI).

In Velvia, with PS levels set for nearly identical results (mid Level 1.77
for both Vuescan images and 1.4 for NS),  the noise appeared lowest in
Nikon Scan while noise was higher in both Vuescan images.

I saw your caveat about high PS gamma.  Thanks for the tip.  Also thanks
for the tip on Vuescan slide setting.  I'll try my gray scale test again.

Mike Duncan


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