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filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: Matrox and Monitor standby

Brian wrote:
> Further to my earlier posting about the problems mentioned above, my
> computer finally went spectacularly wrong! First I noticed that the
> time display was running slow, loosing several minutes an hour. Then
> last night everything went crazy. I turned the machine off and later
> turned it back on. The time shown was well out - October 2000 - and
> it couldn't find the slave drive HDD on the primary IDE channel. When
> set to auto it could find this second HDD, but came up with the wrong
> figures and then gave fault warnings. When it had finished the boot
> up the second HDD drive was not there.

Problems like the clock losing the time and the computer "forgetting"
what hard drives are connected usually indicates a faulty battery on
the motherboard.  There is a small battery which allows the static
RAM in the real time clock to remember the time and IDE settings etc.

> Has anyone heard of problems with Gigabyte MBs or AMD CPUs when
> working with ATI All-in-Wonder graphics cards? Could the ATI board
> have damaged the MB? I should point out that the MB I put back was
> also a Gigabyte, but it was a Pentium III GA-BX2000.

The only two problems which come to mind are that some graphics
cards pull too much current through the card connector and damage
the motherboard - some newer cards have a separate power connector.
The other issue I mentioned previously - with my Gigabyte motherboard
I have had interuupt problems caused by the SCSI controller and
the graphics card insisting on sharing the same interrupt.
I don't know anything specifically about ATI cards.

Again, the best resource for these issues is the gigabyte newsgroup.


Rob Geraghty harper@wordweb.com


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