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filmscanners: Anti-Virus Software (was Anyone having problems with Scan@leben?)

I just updated my subscription to Norton AV and it was $14.95 us. Still a
bargain with regular updates and an absolute necessity in today's Internet
environment. I also agree about never opening attachments from a source you
don't know. Between my work and home computers I must have received 10
emails with that recent virus attachment. Before word got to me about the
key words that gave it away, I had deleted several copies following my usual
personal policy about not opening such things.

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Subject: Re: filmscanners: Anyone having problems with Scan@leben?

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001 08:43:26 -0700  Sam A. McCandless (samcc@vom.com) wrote:

> Short of, or in addition to, using to a Mac, aren't there other
> strategic advantages we can give ourselves in re worms, viruses, etc.?

Quite honestly, anyone who uses a PC without running a competent antvirus
program is driving down a one way street with their eyes closed. Norton AV
costs very little ($40US), updates are automatic (nightly here) and free
for a year, about $5 for subsequent years. It has trapped about 100
viruses, trojans and other wildlife here, none of which were false alarms.
I have been sent Sircam about 30 times in the past 2 weeks*. I have never
had a virus infection.

Do not rely on screening by ISP's or third-party systems like Mailmarshall
(the dumb thing alarms over the phrase 'my pictures' which is a poor guide
to virus infection on a photo list:)

If you use mail at all, and are on *any* mailing list and not using AV, you
are nuts:)

A useable backup strategy is the other obligatory protection. And never,
never opening attachments until you know just what they are.

*Actually NAV is a bit iffy with Sircam, it doesn't pick it up whilst
scanning incoming mail, but does if you try and extract the file containing
the worm code.


Tony Sleep
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