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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan , Mac etc.

On 1 Aug 2001, at 15:46, Michael Creem wrote:

> What other developer has charged such a modest fee for such powerful
> software? What developer constantly upgrades his software for free and
> listens to his customers suggestions and acts on them? He also responds to
> customers suggestionss when they are not feasable for some reason.
> I think that in the past he said that the Mac represented a very small part
> of his customer base(5%). Perhaps it would have been better to leave the
> latest Mac version up with a note that it would not be devoped further due
> to lack of interest.
> I personally think that he has done a wonderful job and should be praised
> for his service to the scanning community.

That's what I told three of my professors at university to convince them to 
order some copies of VueScan for there film and flatbed scanners, all connected 
to Macs. I installed the demo version and they were very impresse
d. I'm sure they would have ordered a few copies. :-(

(I'm a "happy" PC owner, but always dreamed about getting a Mac ...)

> I went to the Mac site and read all the messages. Almost none were
> constructive. It is sad reading.

What Mac site?

> I hope that this does not discourage Ed altogether. He makes a good product
> and it keeps getting better.

Maybe some time Ed will put up the Mac version again? I hope so.



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