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Re: filmscanners: 35mm filmscanner choice

On Sat, 28 Jul 2001 20:04:43 EDT   (BeckettJB@aol.com) wrote:

> Last but not least the new "low end" nikon IV ED is tempting with ICE3 
> but only 2900 dpi. Will the decreased resolution of the Nikon be offset 
> by the Genuine Fractals software??? Will it make a difference in the 
> quality of the final output (see below)
> I plan to use the scanner to produce 11 x 14 quadtone prints via 
> piezography from 35mm negatives, both color and black and white. (as 
> well as maybe  some color work)

AIUI the Cone driver for piezography prefers ~600-720dpi input, so for 
prints that size you will want as much resolution as you can get. 
Interpolation is not as good as proper pixels, though it can be quite 
acceptable, but it cannot recover lost image detail. In other words, I 
think you should go for a 4000ppi scanner.


Tony Sleep
http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner info 
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