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Re: filmscanners: Scanning and memory limits in Windows

> >I've noticed PS is slow too. Worse still it doesn't compress well
either -
> >try opening a file from Vuescan and then saving it with PS and it comes
> >significantly larger.
> Sorry, this doesn't sound right.  For a given image,
> a given file format, and compression method, the
> file size should be deterministic.
> If this weren't so, it would not be possible to share
> files between applications.

This is certainly possible for compressed formats where some (eg. mrsid)
compress the data much greater whilst still keeping the data.

I also see no reason why a lossless format cannot be achieved with different
encoding algorithms. It is only important that they can be decoded to the
same data - not that they encode to to the same data. You don't really
expect all the software to share the same code do you ?

I have not checked but  I suspect lossless is actually very nearly lossless.
i.e. there are some rounding errors from the compression algorithms.



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