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filmscanners: New Epson Consumer Flatbeds Leak Out

In the states a special offer on the 1640. In the UK www.dabs.com with a
special offer on the 1240.

The latest issue of PCPRO in the UK ( September 2001, Oh, is it not getting
near Christmas!!) has an advert from Simply, www.simply.co.uk.

It has a picture of the Perfection 1250 details, true 1200dpi!!!, USB,
optional tranny hood only does 35mm (standard on photo model but I think
that is wrong). 48bit colour 24 bit out!!!  The killer feature is of course
"the scan to the web button". No price is quoted it says CALL!.

It also has a picture of the Perfection 1650 details, true 1600dpi!!!,
optional tranny hood does 4"X5", the photo models has a 6 x35mm TPU. 48bit
colour 48 bit out!!!  This machine is of no use as it does not have the
"scan to the web button". No price is quoted.

So go on to the Simply site no mention of the scanners and a search reveals
no items on the site. Epson has nothing on the US or UK site.

There is a first look at

Maccnn.com has

Epson's new Perfection 2450 Photo, Perfection 1650 series and Perfection
1250 series are making their first appearance this week at Macworld Expo in
New York. The 2450 series sports 2400 x 4800 dpi resolution with USB and
FireWire connectivity and is priced at $399; the 1650 offers 1600 x 3200 dpi
resolution and USB connectivity and is priced at $149; and the 1250 offers
1200 x 2400 dpi resolution and starts at $129."

There is an Epson press release here
including the Perfection 2450 which must be their answer to the new Cannon



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