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filmscanners: VUESCAN Q: Does VueScan support the SF-200 Autofeeder on the LS4000?

Hello filmscanning experts!

I rented an LS4000 today and I'm trying to use the SF-200 Slide
Autofeeder with VueScan.  I do not remember seeing any information about
this feeder being supported or unsupported.  In any case, I can't make
it work!

It seems as though it should work.  The feeder is able to pull a slide
into the scanner, scan it, and eject it.  But when I tell VueScan to
scan "Slides 1-4" for example, it only scans slide 1 and stops...  I can
hit scan again and make it do the second slide.  But, I want to stack up
50 slides and go away, not keep hitting "Scan!" Has anyone figured out
how to make the feeder work?

Any help is appreciated!


Michael J Greger                   Intel Corporation
mgreger@dashmail.net               Intel Server Chipset Design Engineer
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