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RE: filmscanners: scanning PAN-F (was: Polaroid Rebate)

I did. I experimented with various settings (long exposure pass, exposure,
gamma etc.) but it seems that the most dense parts of PAN-F are beyond reach
for this scanner (even increasing exposure so that the scan was way too dark
didn't improve highlights detail that much). I've never seen this happen
with negative film, and since Chris is going to feed his scanner lots of APX
25, it occurred to me that these two films might be similar.


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From: Rob Geraghty [mailto:harper@wordweb.com]
Sent: venerd 27 luglio 2001 14.47
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject: Re: filmscanners: scanning PAN-F (was: Polaroid Rebate)

Alessandro Pardi wrote:
> but my LS-30 had a terrible time with this film (probably a D-MAX problem:
> were simply unreachable). Any other experience with this film out there?

I haven't, but I wanted to ask if you tried vuescan with it?  I haven't got
useful images
from silver based films other than with Vuescan on my LS30.



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