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filmscanners: Vuescan Bug?

I installed my new Epson 1640SU last night and started scanning with 
Vuescan. It seemed to work great with negatives and transparencies. Then my 
wife needed me to scan some line drawings for her. Since I hadn't installed 
the Epson software yet, I decided to try Vuescan. It worked fine for 
several scans, then Vuescan just locked up at the 99% scan complete point. 
I had to reboot to clear it. When I resumed scanning, I was able to get 
several scans again, then it again locked up. I tried turning on "Release 
Memory" but that didn't help. By the way, if I killed Vuescan with the Task 
Manager, I couldn't launch it again without rebooting. Here are the details:

System: W2K Professional
Physical Memory: 392,688 KB
Total Virtual Memory: 943,840 KB
Free Disk Space: 11.1 GB
Scanner: Epson 1640SU Photo
Scanning Mode: Reflective, 400dpi
Connected via: USB
Vuescan Version: 7.1.6

Has anyone else observed anything like this?

Photography by Stan McQueen: http://www.smcqueen.com


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