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RE: filmscanners: SS4000, Win2K disappears!

And if it really is SCSI, here is what solved the problem for me and some

"Thanks to the many Filmscanners who helped solve my problem(SS 4000 not
recognized in Win 2K). Conclusion was:

1. Install new drivers for the AdvanSys ABP-3922-00 SCSI card from
http://www.connectcom.net/downloads/fastultra.html. Connect.com is the new
name for the AdvanSys site. This installed a driver called Fast Ultra Narrow
SCSI, which then showed up  properly in Device Manager. Win 2K itself had a
driver for the AdvanSys card which loaded automatically on setup, but it was

2. Install new NTASPI32 with the installer from
http://advansys.com/support/ntwnaspi32.html. A trick here was that the
Adaptec installer did not work(gave a message that there was no Adaptec card
on my system). The Polaroid Support staff  and some others advised me to use
the Adaptec site, but that would never work for me. Also, the AdvanSys CD
that originally came with my SS4000(December 1999) had  outdated drivers.

In this AdvanSys site, there was a choice of a GUI installer or a simple
system where you just copy the NTASPI and WNASPI files to two different WIN
NT folders. I used the GUI and it was all automatic.

3. Now I had the right drivers and ASPI layer, but the scanner was still not
recognized. I had to physically remove the AdvanSys card and reboot with the
card out of the system(no longer showed up in the Device Manager). Then I
shut down, put the AdvanSys card back in, and started up again. Voila! Works
pefectly so far with the SS4000 using either Vuescan or PolaColor Insight.

I still have a problem with Win2K system freezes when using Windows
Explorer, and my USRobotics modem is not working. But all applications like
Photoshop 6 and ThumbsPlus are working better than they did on Win 98 or Me.
Dual Boot with Win Me working fine. I'll solve the other problems, but I
couldn't have solved the ASPI problem without your help.

Bill Twieg"


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On Wed, 25 Jul 2001 15:03:21 -0500  Steven N. Norvich
(snorvich@interaccess.com) wrote:

>       Anyone have their scanner simply disappear (logically)?  Device
> says it is
> not there and although hooked up to a fireware connection on my Dell
> (not an installed card,
> original installation), it is not discovered under new devices to be
> installed.  Got any ideas
> about why or how to fix it?

First off, I didn't know the SS4000  was available with a Firewire
interface, I thought they were all SCSI.

Second, does the Firewire (if it really is:) card show up OK in Device
Mangler without conflicts? Do any other Firewire devices work off the card

If it is really SCSI, do you have the rear panel terminator switch set to
'on', and what ID number is set? Do you have other devices on the same bus?


Tony Sleep
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