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Re: filmscanners: Wet-mounting slides?

At 05:59 PM 7/25/01, Jeff Goggin wrote:

>>AIUI, it's common practice with drum scanners, 
>>but I've never heard it being done on a CCD 
>>scanner, unless one were using a glass film 
>>carrier.  (Which might be useful if one were 
>>scanning a 6x9 cm negative, perhaps.)
>I have a Minolta Scan-Multi and it uses a(n anti-newton) glass carrier for
>medium-format film.  I've been tinkering with a modification to the holder
>that makes it glassless and while this works -- and works quite well --
>it's a PITA to scan more than a few images at a throw because it takes so
>much time to load and align the film properly.  I thought maybe if I use
>mounting fluid with plain optical glass in the carrier, I might achieve
>better results still and faster loading to boot...

Well, if you do go the route of wet mounting, 
keep us posted on your adventures.  I've been 
tempted to locate some glass carriers for my 
8000, but apprehensive about the side effects -- 
Newton rings, or wet-mounting to avoid them.

The 8000's glassless carrier for MF film is 
pretty decent, I think, but not foolproof.

I'd be curious to hear what others have to 
say on the subject of scanning MF film, and 
keeping the film flat.

What's the deal with this "Kami" fluid? 
Does it evaporate completely? What does 
the film look like afterwards?

rafe b.


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