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Re: filmscanners: Re: Vuescan gripes

 on 7/24/01 5:54 AM, EdHamrick@aol.com at EdHamrick@aol.com wrote:

 > I recommend people keep their eye on the
 > ball - i.e. the quality of the images that VueScan
 > produces.  I personally would be quite happy
 > using an MS-DOS user interface if this
 > produced better looking images.

Very Good Point! and thank you for not making us use a DOS interface in
order to obtain Vuescan quality images.  ; )  Actually, I use DOS
engineering tools all the time in my Audio-Video consulting business.  I'd
buy the DOS version if it had
mouse support, multi-image preview,  dual head display, and Vuescan's
current level of functionality.

Personally though, I don't care about GUI or Windows/Mac look alikes because
I DO keep my eye on the image quality.  But I also keep my eye on the clock.
Like many on this list, this is not a hobby to me (although my bookkeeper
may argue that point). Time, my time, is money.  I don't care about Vuescan
or feeling like Windows/Mac, but I DO care about possible features that
decrease my time invested in each scan, especially when these features are
available in
other scanning products.

Besides the image quality, one of the great things about
Vuescan is it's speed.  (once you get it started scanning)  I'm merely
suggesting things that will help me (and others) get that scan started

I want to shoot photography all day, not scan pictures all day.

But don't get me wrong Ed, I'm not complaining.  I'm just voicing an opinion
of desired possible next steps.  Whether they are feasible is your decision.
You ARE the programmer.

Best Regards,

Bob Kehl


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