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RE: filmscanners: Digital Copyright

At 11:03 AM 7/23/2001 +0100, Tony Sleep wrote:
>For the avoidance of doubt : in most countries except the US, there is no
>concept of copyright registration. The fact of authorship is all that is

In the US, the difference between registering and not registering the 
copyright is primarily a matter of the amount of damages you can attempt to 
collect. For works that are of US origin, the copyright must be registered 
before suit can be filed. If the copyright is registered within 3 months of 
publication or before infringement, statutory damages (up to $150,000) plus 
attorney's fees may be sued for; otherwise only actual damages may be 
recovered. In addition (contrary to the statements of an earlier poster), 
the Copyright Act also makes provision for criminal liability in addition 
to civil liability if the infringement is "for purposes of commercial 
advantage or private financial gain."

What remedies are available in those countries that have no concept of 
copyright registration?

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