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Re: filmscanners: Digital Copyright (off-topic) and Polaroid SS120 (on-topic)

Rob, the copyright symbol in your notice should be followed immediately by
the year, not your name.  

Stan, since when does the copyright office accept CDs for the required
deposit?  I was specifically told when I called them (US Copyright Office)
about six months ago that they wouldn't accept CDs.  They are studying the
issue of digital registration of copyrights (with a particular concern for
works of art "born digital"), but at the present time they still demand
hardcopy photos (or a video tape of the photos).  Maybe someday we'll be able
to make our copyright application entirely via the internet, complete with
digital signature, credit card payment, and digital deposits (such as scanned
film or photos "born digital").  But right now, we still have to do it the
old fashioned way.  They probably threw your CDs away.  Of course, they throw
just about all deposits away after two years, so what difference does it
make?  Anyway, this is not the place for a long thread on this topic but I
wanted to warn you that you may not have a legal copyright registration.  By
the way, all US photographers who register copyrights should checkout
http://www.loc.gov/copyright/ for the latest forms, instructions, etc.

Now for an on-topic request for info on the new Polaroid SS120 medium format

I currently have a PC with Me operating system (firewire ready, from what I
understand, but no firewire card installed).  I currently have a Polaroid
SS4000 installed via a SCSI card.  If I buy an SS120, can I have both it and
the SS4000 connected at the same time so that I can use either one as the
mood strikes me?  The SS120 can be used with either firewire or SCSI, but
does not come with a card for either.  I would like to connect it to the back
of my SS4000 so that they form a SCSI daisy chain.  Will that work?  And what
complications will I have with two sets of software?  Or maybe four sets
since I want to use both Insight and SilverFast with both scanners.  Has
anyone installed these two scanners on a PC simultaneously, and can they be
made to coexist together?

In a message dated 7/21/2001 9:36:42 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
stan@smcqueen.com writes:

At 12:07 AM 7/22/2001 +1000, Rob Geraghty wrote:
>On the larger images I've put "(c) Rob Geraghty 2001" where the
>(c) is the proper copyright symbol.  

Finally, I register all my images with the copyright office by periodically
sending a CD containing JPEGs to them. This allows me to recover actual
plus punitive damages plus attorney's fees in the event of infringement
(more than $100,000). This is really important, because without
registration you can only recover actual damages, ......


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