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filmscanners: Digital Copyright

I note there's been some discussion of copyright lately.  I just uploaded a
stack of new pictures to my website, and it's taken quite a while to process
them all.  On the larger images I've put "(c) Rob Geraghty 2001" where the
(c) is the proper copyright symbol.  I've also marked each picture using
Digimarc watermarking, which is built into Paintshop Pro.  The watermarking
works OK on larger images (like 1024x768) but makes smaller images (320x200)
really poor.  It makes the images look like they've used a higher level of
compression than they have.  I guess 320x200 is so small that nobody could
do much with it, but it's also too small to put the text copyright message

Has anyone else tried this sort of thing?  If you want to see what the
images look like they're on http://wordweb.com and click on the Stories link
in the index at the top, then the link to the story about Airlie Beach.
They've all been scanned using a Nikon LS30 scanner with Vuescan.  This is
the argumentative film which Vuescan's dust and scratch filtering doesn't
seem to work on.

I'd be interested to hear the comments of others on the subject of
copyrighting images for web publication.



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