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Re: filmscanners: Nikon Service

To the best of my knowledge, at least here in Canada, the same division
that handles the camera repairs also handles the digital scanner
repairs.  These days, most cameras (including Nikon's) use more
electronic circuitry than mechanical parts, so it wouldn't be a stretch
that both camera and scanner repairs would be handled in the same place. 

My experience has been that a "corporate culture" is defined from the
top down, and that you will usually see more similarities than
differences between divisions within a company, even if they are located
in different countries. 

My personal experience has been that companies headquartered in Japan
are less attuned to their clients from around the world. I suspect this
might also be culturally related.  The Japanese culture promotes calm
and stoicism, and respect for older corporate institutions and I'd
suspect they find the North American consumer awareness movement, for
example, rather of an affront. 

In spite of the companies having North American divisions dealing with
their N.A. clients, I suspect that there is a top down approach to
management coming from the head offices in Japan.

Lastly, N.A. and Europe are pretty far away physically from Japan, and
its hard to know how much gets back to head office.  I have written a
few Japanese company head offices but never received a reply.  I suspect
there are still many linguistic barriers as well.

I would love to see a more hybrid kind of management approach, where a
mix of N.A. or European customer service and consumer awareness was
mixed with the usually superior manufacturing and quality control of
goods produced in places like Japan.


Austin Franklin wrote:
> > Even with your nice expensive Nikon scanner, I STILL own a lot more
> > Nikon equipment dollar per dollar than you do, and I can speak with
> > years of experience with their equipment as to what has happened to the
> > quality of the stuff and their repair service.
> What Nikon equipment do you own, Art?  Why I ask, is just because it's
> Nikon, doesn't mean it's the same division.  Typically, in a company as
> large as Nikon, the divisions are very distinct, and one division's
> "performance" isn't necessarily going to be the same a others.


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