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Re: filmscanners: My replacement 8000 is banding like the first one :-(

I don't know how heavy the ED 8000 is, but these days most electronics
have minimal heft to them and aren't very solid.

I have found that as a result, using a solid platform for devices like
film scanners might help them to be less likely to create sympathetic
vibration in the shelf or table they are on, which might just cause a
feedback vibration situation.

I have certainly found that film scanners when placed on hollow metal
platforms resonate making the beast sound even more noisy then they tend
to on their own, and I could literally feel the vibration they created
while scanning.


> "Wilson, Paul" wrote:
> This is a possibility.  As I mentioned, when I had the LS8000, it did
> not always band.  Sometimes it would and sometimes it wouldn't.  Nikon
> tech support did mention moving the scanner to a different location to
> rule out RF interference or other sources of noise.  This was
> confirmed as a possibility by my father who's an electrical
> engineer/research scientist with a lot of experience designing analog
> circuits used in the same environments as digital stuff.
> Paul Wilson


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