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RE: filmscanners: Link to Nikon 8000 banding example...

> >> Did you say, "Leaf 35" ?  Not 45?  You've got the "little guy" too?
> >
> >Rafe,
> >
> >I did.  Two reasons.  One was because the electronics are
> identical to the
> >45, so I can use the power supply, CCD board, processor/SCSI
> board etc. if I
> >have any problems with my 45, and mostly because I wanted to use
> it to add
> >features/re-write the application/plug-in, and not put my 45 out of
> >commission.  I also got a Mac 8500/366 (I think that's the
> model) to drive
> >it.
> Interesting.  So how long would it take
> to scan a 35 mm negative at 5080 dpi?

Ah, the 35 is only 4000PPI!  They masked off the two ends of the sensor and
only use 4000 elements of the 6000 element CCD.  It's also fixed focus.

> It might be interesting to pit it against
> the Nikon or the SprintScan.

I would agree.


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