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RE: filmscanners: Link to Nikon 8000 banding example...

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> From: owner-filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
> [mailto:owner-filmscanners@halftone.co.uk]On Behalf Of rafeb
> Sent: 19 July 2001 23:01
> To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
> Subject: RE: filmscanners: Link to Nikon 8000 banding example...
> At 08:42 PM 7/19/01 +0100, Jawed Ashraf wrote:
> >For Vuescan, Nikon Scan and Photoshop you'll find a PC does at
> least as good
> >a job for rather less money than a Mac.
> <snip>
> Careful, Jawed.  While I might just agree with
> you, your post is quite likely to upset a few
> folks.  Folks get attached to their particular
> computers (PCs or Macs) and may have invested all
> sorts of time learning the ropes on that platform.

I know, Rafe.  It's sport, aint it?

I always remember my first experience of a Mac, back in the early 90s: I'd
plugged in all the cables, found the switch on the back to turn it on,
turned it on and nothing happened.

Mac users are known for their community approach (it's called muddling
through where I come from) so I headed for the basement, where the
repro/publishing mob lived and asked how do I turn it on.

Yep, it's that funny button on the keyboard with the Pause/Play symbol on
it - except that it's abstracted, so that it looks unlike a Pause/Play
symbol (surely it should be a Stop/Play symbol?).  Never mind that every
appliance known to man for a good 15 years has a vertical line intersecting
a broken circle for the on/off symbol.  Sigh.

Not to mention dragging a floppy disk icon to the trashcan - "eh, you're
telling me that doesn't delete the floppy, but ejects it - I don't believe

As you can see I'm heavily scarred.  The list of faults with the Mac
interface (note *interface* not operating system - the OS's faults are
fairly legendary and in many ways dwarf the UI faults) has always
entertained me, mainly because I'm lucky enough not to have to work with the
blighters.  Teehee.

The only thing Macs do well is run as internet servers.



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