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filmscanners: OT-Brand Loyalty (was: Nikon Service

Rafe wrote:

>Aw, c'mon Lynn, just answer the question. It's really simple.
>Ever bought the same brand of film scanner twice?
>I sure haven't.

Gee, Rafe, since I've been scanning for less than 2 years and only done 
8,000 or so scans, how many scanners would you expect me to buy!? :-)

Have I ever bought the same brand of car twice? Yes. And regretted the 
choice--won't make it again. Almost did another time, but the dealer screwed 
up the prep, and I tore up the check and ran like a scalded cat! I keep 
looking for a good, repeatable deal, though. I'm a curable optomist. ;-)

Have I ever used the same supplier twice? Absolutely, and whenever I can. I 
figure that "Loyalty" is a two-way street--it's always worked for me! I'll 
even pay *more* when I know I can trust my supplier to come through in a 
pinch. This is especially important, I think, in a business environment. 
I've played the "lowest bid" game (under duress, I might add), and been 
royally screwed in the "bargain." Even lost a job or two over it. But those 
kinds of jobs may not be worth keeping anyway, IMHO.

Now to one case at hand (and it was probably me and my #@&! HP6300C that 
started this cockamamie discussion to begin with, with or without Nikon's 
complicity): an indy tech I talked to this morning (who works for a major 
retailer) says that the HP scanners are basically "unserviceable," and when 
you buy the extended warranty their service stations normally just replace 
the unit--when you're out of warranty, you're also out of luck. Had I bought 
the extended warranty (which wasn't offered, that I can remember--not that I 
ordinarily buy EWs--except that on scanners I now do!) the $300+ 6300C would 
have cost a lot more than their advertised price. Considering that it only 
lasted 18 months (due to a missing line of code in their setup software, I'm 
told), I really don't think the original purchase price was good value. And 
I won't be buying or advising anyone to buy any product with an HP logo on 
it--they've simply "cheaped out" in the wrong places. More's the pity, 
because their design ideas are damned good. :-(

Anyway, that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. If I can fix this damned 
thing myself, it won't cost me a lot more than I've already lost. But I 
still won't buy another HP.

Best regards from the Service Wars--LRA

> > Rafe wrote:
> >
> > >I'd be curious to know, among veteran film-
> > >scanner users, whether there's any brand
> > >loyalty at all.  Anybody out there buy the
> > >same brand twice?

> > Lynn wrote:
> > I'm every bit as "brand loyal" as the brands (and suppliers) are loyal 
>to me
> > and my goals. If it works like it's supposed to work, I'll stick with 
> > When they stick it *to me*, it's "Adios."  :-)

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