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Re: filmscanners: My replacement 8000 is banding like the first one :-(

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001, Stephen Kogge wrote:

>       So is it possible that your scanner is out running your system,
> the scanner stops and has to back up. It could also be a similar
> problem that the data rate from the CCD head is higher than what the
> Scanner interface can handle and the microcode/firmware in the
> scanner is doing the "back up and scan a swath" dance. 

Not a bad theory, Stephen, though I 
have 512 MB of RAM (700 MHz Athlon) 
and the problem is seen also on 35 
mm scans, which involve much less 
data than medium-format scans.

It is a very coarse-sounding scanner, 
as I have mentioned before.  So I 
wouldn't rule out mechanical problems. 
Stepper motors are known to resonate 
a certain step-rates, for example.

And unless I'm imagining this, there 
may also be a thermal component to this 
problem -- ie, it's more likely to 
occur on hot days, or after the 
scanner's been on a long time.

rafe b.


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