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Re: filmscanners: Scratch the Gear Teeth Theory

This makes it sound more like a software issue. I would further bet that the
number of pixels between band peaks is evenly divisible by 8. It also makes
me think I was on the right track with my earlier guess. It sounds like the
samples aren't completely being reset to zero before another sample is


----- Original Message -----
From: "Lawrence Smith" <lsmith@lwsphoto.com>

> Well, just when you think you've made progress the scanner fools you.  On
> further testing I started getting bands without making any adjustments.
> This is one strange machine.  One thing is consistent however,  the
> is much worse at 16x.  at 1x it is essentially invisible.
> Lawrence
> >
> > I've found something out.  Thanks to Howard Slavitt who suggested
> > to me that
> > the issue might actually be with the profile conversion I tried
> > some various
> > settings.  Heres what I have discovered.  If I make individual
> > to the RGB channels in Nikonscan the banding appears.  If I make no
> > adjustments, no banding.  I have not yet tried making an overall
> > correction
> > to the master to see if that causes the problem as well.  Perhaps
> > one of you
> > other 8000 owners can try this as well.
> >
> > Lawrence
> >
> >

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