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Re: filmscanners: 1640SU @CompUSA $150

At 10:06 PM 7/17/01 +0200, Tomasz Zakrzewski wrote:

>This applies to above mentioned Epson
>scanners as well as new recently discussed Canon flatbed with 2400dpi. It is
>enough to observe that Canon doesn't mention dmax and this is enough for me
>to conclude that they don't tell you the whole thruth.
>Spec-inflation. Nothing more.

Yes, but given the dearth of reasonably priced MF 
scanners, the Epson 1640 really is a pretty remarkable 
value.  It's a pity there isn't a scanner positioned 
halfway between the 1640 (currently $250) and the 
Nikon/Polaroid 4000 dpi models (currently $2800 or so.)

rafe b.


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