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Re: Unsharp mask was Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

Rafe wrote:

>>Dan insists that you could use a monochrome monitor
>to do color corrections.  Now, I admit I haven't
>tried that.  But it is quite a provocative claim,
>and follows logically from Dan's numerical approach.

This is absolutely true--if you've been trained in the classic (largely Old 
World) tradition of the color engraver. Possibly Margulies was, or was 
trained by one or several.

I'm not going to tell one of my tales here (listen to the cheers from the 
Lurker Galleries!), but I *do* have one that will go untold. :-)

My counter-claim to this is that color is *so* subjective that you can't 
quantify it. Ever. A badly-shot slide or neg might have beauty that you only 
imagined when you shot the picture! Your twists and tweaks can take a 
picture with every merit *except* color to heights of artistry.

As a painter, I prefer to work from B/W--my color is personal, and I don't 
want it confused by "facts." :-)  In point of truth, every photographer can 
work from the same premise: you can set the light and color, you can tweak 
the light and color, or you can sit in rising/setting sunlight and wait for 
it to happen...but the artistry of the film itself is limited. Yours, OTOH, 
is not.

Best regards--LRA

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