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RE: filmscanners: Nikon MF LED light source...

> >> Why would you ever use the "long" exposure
> >> option if the short one yielded a scan that
> >> was as good?
> >
> > Increase DMax for positives...
> Just for the sake of clarity, I think you mean dynamic range.

I did mean DMax, and I do agree it is better to call it dynamic range.  As I
would believe you already know, that topic (use of the term DMax vs dynamic
range) has been discussed here and in other places, many times.  Many
scanner documents have used the term DMax interchangeably with dynamic

If DMax is referenced to a DMin of 0 (which I believe it typically is,
unless there is a DMin mentioned), then it is exactly the same as dynamic
range.  Any density term is relative to something anyway, and is relatively
(no pun intended) useless without the other reference.


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