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Re: filmscanners: Adobe/SilverFast Color Management

> I have never heard of Photoshop's internal monitor compensation system
> having trouble handling a wide gamut color space.  Could you explain this,
> or refer me to an article that will?

Real World Photoshop 6 is one such reference as is the Photoshop on-line
helo file, Andrew Rodney, Chris Murphy, Jeff Schewe, Chris Cox, Mark
Hamburg, Thomas Knoll, etc. Lots of these guys have explained why and how on
the Adobe forums. Such is the extent of the problem that Adobe built in a
feature to to try and overcome the problem. The Feature in the Color
Settings dialog Advanced Setting section - "Desaturate Monitor Colors By x%"
is used, but you need to know what you're at. To use Bruce Frasers phrase
(see reference below) - "For those brave (or foolhardy) souls .........."
this relates to the feature I mentioned, but is in the context of editing
high bit images in very wide colour spaces. But he does suggest a couple of

> working in wide gamut with 8-bit color rather than 16-bit, as detailed by
> Bruce Fraser at
> http://www.creativepro.com/story/feature/6541.html

That article was for Photoshop 5.x Photoshop 6 is much more advanced, try
reading Page 198/99 of Real World PS6 for more info on the desaturate


Ian Lyons


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