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RE: Unsharp mask was Re: filmscanners: Getting started question

At 12:15 AM 7/15/01 -0400, Austin wrote:
>> One article is online at http://www.ledet.com/margulis/Sharpen.pdf
>I haven't read enough to know if this guy Margulis knows what he's talking
>about or not, but to quote from one of his articles:
>"Anyone who thinks that if a fine screen is good, than a finer one must be
>better is a moron."
>Right or wrong, I really have no interest in reading anything from someone
>who is so disrespectful of his readers and feels he needs to call them
>names, no matter how much of a genius he may be.

Austin, don't be so harsh on the guy, or so quick 
to judge.  Maybe read a chapter of his book(s).  
(I think there's a chapter online somewhere.)
He *is* deliberately provocative, that's true.

I see a bit of myself in Margulis -- sort of a 
high-tech Luddite.

One of Margulis' main shticks is that monitors lie,
and are not to be trusted.  And of course, he really 
goes to town on the subject of monitor calibration.

rafe b.


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