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Re: filmscanners: Semi OT: 16-bits [was Which Buggy Software?]

At 12:24 PM 7/14/01 -0500, you wrote:

>I've read Professional Photoshop 5 cover-to-cover, and just bought
>Professional Photoshop 6 since I also bought PS6, and I use his methods
>though I think he does go overboard respecting color management's
>shortcomings - he has a new chapter in "6" concerning it that I am eager to
>Meanwhile, I am attaching his public challenge, as posted on his Color
>Theory group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/colortheory , which asserts that
>no photographic image can be corrected better in 16-bit color than it can in
>8-bit color.

Over the years I've taken a lot of heat for defending Margulis.

When I read "Professional Photoshop" I had no idea who these 
"calibrationists" were that Dan gets so riled about.

I've since met a few of them, on the various lists that I 
partake in. <g>  I won't mention names.

I agree that Margulis (like any other "expert") should be 
taken with a few grains of salt.  But I'm way grateful for 
the lessons I've learned from Dan, and I believe these 
lessons have saved me loads of grief over the years.

The grief I do experience is with making "color management" 
work, and arguing with the CM gurus.

rafe b.


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