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filmscanners: Grain, Noise, et al

I wanted to seek the input of list participants into the question of
minimizing grain and noise in 35mm scans. While it varies according to
subject matter, predominant color, film type and speed, all scans seem to
have some degree of grain / noise not found in the prints. I've used both
Vuescan's ability to manually focus (actually, slightly out of focus) and
grain reduction to reduce what I'm calling grain but obviously there are
drawbacks in the form of reduction of sharpness, in either of these

By way of background, I use a Minolta Scan Dual II, with Vuescan and I
always scan at the maximum resolution (2820, I believe), usually 48 bit.
Color and film settings I vary depending upon what will get me the 'best'

>From a practical, rather than a causative approach, how have folks dealt
with this issue, both in terms of minimizing apparent grain from scans and
in improving (ie: reducing) the appearance of 'grain' in Photoshop?

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