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Re: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: When is Provia 100F a poor film to scan...underwater :-7

Rob Geraghty wrote:
> Gordon wrote:
> > Rob:  I once had a roll with about 3 frames that looked like
> > they were full of flyspecks.  I ran it through Vuescan to
> > see if it would remove the "dust." It wasn't dust.  It was
> > in the emulsion, probably done in the devolempent process.
> That's what I'm suspecting; tiny spots which haven't been
> developed properly.  Maybe bubbles on the film, but they
> are amazingly small if that's the case and don't look
> rounded.  Anyway, I guess I should have brought the film
> back for processing by a lab I trust more!  Maybe there
> was dust on the film in development which later got
> washed off.

Chances are, if the film wasn't fully developed in those areas,
ironically, they would be at least somewhat IR opaque due to the silver
content, and like dust, they would be removed by dICE. More likely, junk
for other films that ended up in the chemistry and deposited on your



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