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Re: filmscanners: CD from Scanner

Maris wrote:

>Your first paragraph refers to CD-RWs, but your second says CD-Rs.  Have 
>you used both or just the Kodak CD-Rs?

Didn't mean to be ambiguous, but I was, wasn't I? To clarify things, 
workflow-wise, I originally use CD-RW for backups (Verbatim and Sony, 
mostly). Once all the organizing, retouching, and notation has been done, I 
burn the "finished" version to Kodak CD-R, because 1>I don't want the 
published version changed, and 2> Kodak medium seems to have the best 
reliability rating I've come across.

Hope that makes better sense. :-)

Best regards--LRA

>----- Original Message -----
>From: "Lynn Allen" <ktrout@hotmail.com>
>To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
>Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 1:10 PM
>Subject: Re: filmscanners: CD from Scanner
>| Steve wrote:
>| > > Most of the information I have seenis via http://www.cdmediaworld.com
>| >and
>| > > links from there. My own personal experience is that CD-RW is more
>| > > temperamental.
>| I haven't seen that to be the case, but then my experience is limited to
>| only a few 10-packs of CD-RW. I've yet to have a problem, but that may be
>| because I'm not pushing the medium to its limits or abusing storage
>| considerations (and my setup is not ideal, by any far stretch of
>| imagination!). With a new medium like CD, I don't think "pushing it" is a
>| very smart thing to do unless you run a test-lab.
>| Out of 20 Kodak Gold CD-Rs distributed, I've had no reports of problems.
>| Unfortunately, Gold discs are no longer available. I'm now using the 
>| Silver, and still no problems (knock wood). If this all blows up in 5
>| you can say "I told you so!" :-)
>| Best regards--LRA
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